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How To Prepare To Photograph A Wedding Every Week

Every wedding is different.  Every wedding day preparation routine is identical.  In order to maintain consistency and sanity, I prepare for every wedding day the way I always have.  Below, I will share my routine and the equipment that comes to each wedding.  The best advice I can give to another photographer is that routine calms the brain and ensure that you don't forget any important equipment.

Wedding Photography Preparation:

  • Six days prior to the event, I begin charging all batteries
  • When batteries are charged, they go into battery pockets, positive end up. This tells me that the batteries are charged
  • Early in the week I ensure that my wedding outfit is washed and ready to be worn
  • The night before the event, I assemble all lighting equipment (in a suitcase), cameras, flashes, lenses, batteries and memory cards
  • The morning of the event, I double check that all equipment is accounted for
  • I do not book anything else on a wedding day. The wedding is my only focus.
  • I load the car with all of my equipment and extra clothes just in case
  • If it is really hot outside or if I am shooting a twelve hour wedding, I will load a small cooler with water and snacks
  • I eat a large breakfast or lunch so that I am not hungry at the event
  • I leave plenty early for the event
  • When I arrive at the event (early), I listen to music or podcasts until it is time to begin!