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Dayton Wedding Photographer Responsibilities Other Than Photography

Being a wedding photographer in Dayton, Ohio doesn't mean that my only job is photography.  During a given wedding in Dayton or Cincinnati, Ohio, I play many different roles.  No role is more important than capturing beautiful and meaningful images of your wedding day.  Below are some of the frequent non-photography tasks I may be tasked with any wedding day.

Dayton Wedding Photographer Other Responsibilities

  • Reassure everyone that no matter what happens, it is still the bride and groom's wedding day

  • Coordinate with the limo or party bus driver

  • Know where everything is including flowers, programs and favors

  • Fetch drinks for the bride and groom

  • Give directions to wedding and/or reception

  • Direct the bride and groom during the cake cutting

  • Be in touch with the DJ to ensure that he/she has the information that I have